How to be the CEO OF your practice (and FOR your practice) – Part 3 Implementation Plan

Ready to start our CEO plan? How do you proceed?

1. Pay attention to your patient, both medically and administratively.

First and foremost, provide care at the highest level. If you use electronic medical records, look at the data available.  Understand the patient’s medical needs and have your staff help them use their insurance benefits appropriately.

2. Be the captain of your practice.

Demonstrate leadership with compassion, integrity and intelligence.  Lead by example.

3. Show dedication by being fair to your staff, complimenting them when appropriate and instructing as needed.

4. Meet periodically with your billing staff to allow maximum revenue collection for your work.

5. Be a leader, not a follower.

Set the highest standard of care.  Then let your patients know by showcasing your awards and honors.

6. Stay up to date on your credentials and CME.

Become/remain board certified!

7. The Golden Rule always applies!

Go to work please and practice at the highest level! Bye for now.

Resources for your review are to follow. Stay tuned!